Hi, I am being social again.

I stopped blogging quote a while ago, as far as I can remember, last October or November, in exchange of something called “social life” – drinking cups of latte with friends, going to Holland Village to party at night, or simply being with someone I really like in the same room.

That would be still going on, until I saw Oliver Widder’s comic for last week:

Being Social

For people who are in the world of Internet, blogging, or generally IT business, there would always be this added meaning of “socially active”, indulging yourself with online conversations, when we think of it. It is never a biased view, for we may view ourselves as more talented or sophisticated than those who are not, but rather for those who stay atop Internet for long tend to develop a second/third personality which only manifests when he is online. In order to keep a personality alive, the best way or perhaps the only way is to use it. Being overwhelmed by the information on the Internet, one could only participate in the activities to be part of the community, thus, the amount of time spent in front of the computer greatly reflects how “Internet-ally” one is active.

Having said all this, I guess the best way I could respond to what I have written is to spend enough hours online, write more content in my blog, twitter a bit more, and share more photos as the first step.

Happy Belated Easter