Fascinating Toys for Showing Off

I bought a 3×3 Rubik’s cube when the retro wind of toys blew on the land a while ago. That little cube reminded me of all the childhood games I played, which of course included those traditional and have-to-play ones like Robe Skipping, Pallets (I think pallets came around first), Ants Squashing etc.

But for me, I always had the advantage of being a playful boy, so I dismantled radios, getting AC current in a bowl of water to get oxygen and hydrogen (which caused a little explosion and colored my hair gold) and placing fully saturated copper sulfate solution into a microwave oven to heat in order for it to crystallize. And that curiosity of mine led to more things like a sodium-copper sulfate “bomb”, the first radio I wielded, and anatomy of a frog on drugs .

Before long, I mastered the ways of playing with a 3×3 cube, which I thought was boring enough once you knew the secrets. And then I bought this professor in ToysRus for 3 times the price, and I let it sit still on my office desk ever since, until I started playing with it yesterday.

Rubik's Cube

To my amazement, using little bit of rules, this piece is actually easy to solve, and it could be really something to show to your friend when they were bored with the recent movies like Juno or TV series House.

My suggestion: get one and show to your friends how talented you are! 🙂

PS: If you find Juno and House not boring, you are not the only ones!