Facebook Applications – Are there really fewer?


Facebook ApplicationsNot very long time ago (about 40 days, as I counted, for I fasted from Facebook for 40 days), there were just numerous invitations of Facebook applications. I could still remember the time when I logon to my Facebook account, frowning at the number of application requests at the right-hand column. Even after I tried hard adding all the possible applications online (you can click to all my applications in the following snapshot, but from the sheer length of this snapshot, you know how many things I have there), I could still receive over 20+ requests everyday. I had no idea why I still received those requests, and I still have no idea about the mechanism they used.

With the recent addition of the “Ignore All” option for me, the job of clearing away all the requests become much much simpler, what I’ll do it just to remove those applications requests and then look through the event invitation and friends invitation one by one.

I know that is certainly not the best way of handling requests in life, but I think so far it has worked out really well for me. I am still able to explore all the events, friend relationships and wall posts through my newsfeed, which itself is a great application by far leading the rest of social networking sites by a large margin.

Still I am not satisfied, because there are indeed great Facebook application written over the time, but buried under tons of other junks written for trial and fun. I want to discover and use those applications and use them properly in order to maximize the potential of the platform.  Weighted ratings like those on IMDB might work, but again, starting with 20040 applications is not quite easy, but I guess they have already begun the work on it.

But recent discoveries of mine show that they are fewer and fewer application requests from people, as well for the notifications. My question now is rather:

Are people getting gradually bored of the Facebook application, or Facebook has started massive “weeding out junk” movement?


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