iX 2008 Conference in Singapore

Preparation of iX2008 conference has finally started it course. People definitely are going to have higher expectations of the this year on what Singapore IT Federation is going to do to. Perhaps they will do more talks to convince the CEOs of the concept of SaaS in enterprises, probably they are going to talk companies out of the RIM Blackberry, into Apple iPhone. I guess only IDA knows the best as the time is approaching really fast.

Meanwhile, as I have discovered the rare copy of the iX2007 conference video on my laptop. I am going to upload them onto the Internet as part of the contribution from The Digital Movement.

So stay tuned and wait for the video as they are uploaded 🙂

PS: I was working on an Internet show idea for a while last year, but dropped due to work commitment. And I am going to pick it up again today.

Update 1: I have uploaded the video in the post iX 2007 video uploaded, check it out.