People Like Gambing and People Twitter


I was listening to the one of the recent episodes of TWiT:

There is this site about prediction market called InTrade. It is totally cool site, because you can trade predictions using the market they have created, like David is going to be the next American Idol.  Recently, the most traded predictions are the success of Barack Obama (His Twitter Page) of being president along with that of Hillary Clinton. Take a look at the web page, and realize you can even trade the predictions of the weather tomorrow!

To me, many things are related to gambling, but with different degree of risks. Insurance is gambling, trading stock is gambling, doing a PhD is gambling as well! I always feel like there are large part of us like to gamble with some ways of getting control.

Speaking of twitter, the machine through which people strip their social communication to the bare minimum – Typing out words and Hope someone will see those – I hope the following comics entertain you: