Finally, HP UMPC Mini

It has been really a long while since we have seen the first rumors of the upcoming HP UMPC 2133 (now HP Mini) first in February. The product has finally come to the light. Since the invention of OLPC and followed by that EEE PC vs. OLPC case, I was getting more and more interested in the UMPC world.

c01368682.jpgDeep in my heart, a ultra-portable tablet PC with extraordinary performance, like gaming, CAD design and long battery would be definitely a killer to me. However, due to the difficult of engineering such piece, I think, the dream of mine is still hanging there.

I have seen a few reviews from online, like jkOnTheRun, which contains a video review of a closer look at the device, as well as side by side comparison of two UMPCs, he has high praises for the device, declaring it the best UMPC he has seen so far, but I that’s just because he got the top-end version to review for free. The price tag on this device isn’t cheap at all. The current available model is priced at $600 USD ($888 SGD with GST) and the top version is $750 USD ($1111 SGD with GST). I hope they are not charging more for shipping and marketing in Singapore. Notebook Review has posted a balanced look on the device with more benchmarks. The major hurdle in the machine is the lack of a powerful processor, the VIA C7-M just doesn’t cut it in term of the raw processing speed.

Yet. I think the device has some really nice quality I am looking forward to, I am afraid that the keyboard is not going to be as nice as my MacBook Pro, but recalling my experience using all the tiny keyboards provided by Packard Bell as well as the EEE PC, I am just looking forward to try it out really soon and do a comparison.

I was once dreaming of carrying a laptop like carrying a book in my bag, and I think the dream is near.

PS: I might get hands on experience really soon. So watch out!


The device is only given to JK as a review item, not free gift, but again, since the price factor comparison is with high-end UMPC, there is nothing we could talk about here. I am going for the launch event tomorrow in Singapore for HP Mini. We’ll see then.



  1. “he has high praises for the device, declaring it the best UMPC he has seen so far, but I that’s just because he got the top-end version for free”

    Hi, I write at jkOTR with James; thanks for picking up on our review. I wanted to state emphatically that the quote from your post above is simply not true. Any review units we are provided are either returned to the company that offered them or given away to our readers. This particular unit was provided by HP directly. It will be going back to HP directly as well. Just wanted to be clear that we review devices on their merits and our opinions as every day mobile tech users… not because we get free products. 😉

  2. Kevin, thanks for your comment on the status of the laptop, my bad. Just updated my post about the “review for free” status about the HP Mini.

  3. Hey Peter, so what do you think about the mini now after attending the launch event? Nic

  4. Naomi says:

    Have u found that UMPC that is under $1000 not weighty packed with specs: 1G ram, Wifi, touchscreen, full sized keyboard, usb ports, built-in web cam and battery that lasts 8 hours? I need a netbook, umpc or whatever u want to call it because of my disability. I cannot hold a heavy computer for long periods of time and i need something that fits in a backpack easily (including battery). I desperately need the portability because it allows me to get out the pain I experience sitting at a desktop for long periods. I yearned for something in the category because it somewhere between my T-Mobile Wing and HP Desktop. I need the umpc to be powerful enough to run programs like Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop and easily access the web from anywhere like I do on my Wing.

  5. Hi Naomi,

    I think $1000 is the problem rather than the rest.

    If you are getting into say, running a business through your laptop, then why not getting a HP Envy 133, or even the new macbook air.

    I have found some japanese brands are good for this purpose – check out best buy

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