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My MacBook Pro + Nokia E61i phone for a while, and some of them I find particularly useful:

  1. Home Zone : If you have used “Proximity” before, this is an advanced, more polished version. It creates different zones using wireless base stations, bluetooth device as well as ethernet addresses. Any changes to these three components will cause the application to perform some actions, like running an AppleScript, a shell script, or even a C program. I use this piece of software to lock&unlock my computer in conjunction with BluePhoneElite.
  2. BluePhoneElite : First of all, this is still a piece of buggy software. Sometimes it crashes internally and quit running, sometimes it could not recover when the bluetooth connection to my phone is disrupted, and sometimes the single one of the important features of the software: the talk-through function is not functioning. That feature allows me to the handsfree profile from the phone and let it connect to my computer as the transceiver in the car. I was only able to manage to get it running now by first disabling all the services in the phone and then enabling them. But still, when my phone reboots, it is frustrating, I have to run through all the sequences again. Nevertheless, I love to use it more and more everyday to process my SMS and calls in the office without even pulling my phone out from my pocket.
  3. OmniFocus & OmniOutliner: These are the two essential tools for me to manage my projects. They help me clear my thinking and arrange my work in order. OmniFocus has implemented the GTD concept, where I can file different actions I have thought of into an inbox and categorize them accordingly to different projects I have in hand. And I use OmniOutliner to sort out my thinking related to one problem in the project, listing all the aspects and the corresponding actions to those aspects, with all kinds of sub-points to support main argument
  4. Afloat : I totally love this application, it is a very concise application that manages most of the window effects in my MacOSX. I do a lot of programming job, and I would love to see my console floating on top of the all the things I run at the background, perhaps with a little transparency to see what is going on at the background.

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  1. kcren says:

    OmniFocus is getting a lot of great reviews. There are some other great Mac (and Windows and handheld and Linux) GTD apps out there–98 verified titles and counting as of this writing. A surprising entrant, LifeShaker (no affiliation to me), is a fun app for the less intense mind. You can see it and other apps compared in my company’s researched list here:

    GTD Software Comparison Table

    Kevin Crenshaw. Executive Coach
    Priacta, Inc.

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