How to create a simple magazine cover.


I was browsing Facebook today and stumble upon a fairly interesting website: MagMyPic. It does one very simple thing for you: using your stylish photo on your computer, it creates a magazine cover for you to show off to your friends. So here is my take:

Well, I love the effect I create from the photo uploaded, but the function of zooming and panning is missing. Moving your photo around until you are satisfied is not that easy to do with the web interface yet. Not talking about customizing the fonts, the wordings as well the removing the watermark at the bottom of the photo.

Yet, I bet you could have loads fun with this as well.


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  1. That’s pretty cute! Would be spending too much time in Photoshop but I guess it’s the idea of using this thing to build the cover that appeals. I’ve made mine already :@

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