Some Recent Ups and Downs (Including Twitter)

Because I am caught in between all the social websites, I am trying to have a life as well. I think the following video does speak some of our geeks’ heart out, well, only occasionally. There are few things I am monitoring lately, starting with Google’s I/O conference with much attention on the upcoming Android…

Moving Pictures on The Wall

Note the loading speed of the video is relatively slow 🙂 Awesome project done, and I really really like it, for both its creativity and the message conveyed.

Dream Big and Implement It

Guy Kawasaki, who is going to Malaysia to give a talk soon, has a good idea on this, but I am not talking about him. He’s Gary Vaynerchuk, interviewed on CNBC on his ideas how he has realized his dream, and how they helped other people.

Google ads on the go with iPhone on your desktop

Here is a short video podcast we did for about two weeks, our pilot episode of the Geek Goddess show. It is created by Bernard Leong and Michael Cheng. Though it has been a tough time filming and editing it, I thoroughly enjoy working both of them on the show. Take a look at the…