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Here is a short video podcast we did for about two weeks, our pilot episode of the Geek Goddess show. It is created by Bernard Leong and Michael Cheng. Though it has been a tough time filming and editing it, I thoroughly enjoy working both of them on the show.

Take a look at the first episode and you’ll understand the title. 🙂 From the next episode onwards, we hope to have more news for you and concentrate more on the Asian region.



  1. Saw the podcast and I tght the production value and presentation was pretty awesome for a first. Interesting to see quite a contrast between yourself and estee in terms of presentation delivery but I think that’s a ‘trademark’ for this show. Stay in faith and keep it up!

  2. ladyironchef says:

    cool video, keep them coming

  3. Jutland says:

    I honestly am not sure about this one. I have a different point of view. But anyway …

    cheers, Jutland

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