Some Recent Ups and Downs (Including Twitter)


Because I am caught in between all the social websites, I am trying to have a life as well. I think the following video does speak some of our geeks’ heart out, well, only occasionally.

There are few things I am monitoring lately, starting with Google’s I/O conference with much attention on the upcoming Android system, the event is covered extensively online. If you are a devel geek, and in love with Google’s awesomeness, wait for the Google I/O videos to be online.

Then I started to use Twitter more often since days ago, which unfortunately had lately a lot of down times and service outbreak because of the backend service platform they are using are not quite scalable than they had thought.

Since Estee and I started our own show with Michael Cheng and Bernard Leong, I am constantly thinking how to improve, and when I stumble upon this video interview of Leo Laporte, I am really inspired.

That’s pretty much all is happening, remember to Follow Me Me, and Kevin Lim. If you really like Leo then follow Leo Laporte and Kevin Rose.