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If you want to know what the feeds I am subscribing to, click the following link:

If Last.FM is the music meta browser, then Toluu is the RSS feed meta browser.

Toluu Page 

On the profile page, it displays all the RSS feeds you are subscribing to currently (I imported all my RSS feeds through Google Reader’s OPML export function), all the contacts of yours and some really great feeds(regardless if you have subscribed to them or not)

Toluu Feed

On clicking on each single feed, you can see recent posts in the feed, what popular posts are, as well as how many people have subscribed to this feed in Toluu.

Toluu Match

One more thing about Toluu is that when clicking on one of your contact, you are able to see how many feeds do you have in common, which is kind of fun if both of us are feed junkies.

If you want an invite as well, send me a direct message d dusenyao on Twitter with your email address and name.


If you are really a feed junkied, you can

  1. Use Shyftr for reading RSS in a different way,
  2. Assemble an online news paper from various blog use Pageflake, and
  3. Follow the recent development of OpenWeb.Asia for the development of Web2.0 in asia

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  1. Caleb Elston says:

    Peter, great post! You really summed up Toluu extremely well, we aim to be the best place to discover new feeds. We think your friends and people with similar interests are one of the best filters for finding cool blogs.

    Let me know if you need any more invites!


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