10 Things Your Might Not Know About HP TouchSmart – A Short Review from Singapore

This is short summary and review for the newly release HP Touch Smart IQ500 has launched in Singapore. I was invited by Melvin Yuan to take a look at their releasing product in this coming July in Asia last Tuesday. 2609200627_5dd617efd9.jpg

After talking with the HP product manager Daniel for TouchSmart IQ500 in Singapore, and tried first hand on the set. I’ve discovered that there are 10 things you might not be aware of HP TouchSmart through merely looking at the Ads or some online review, here they are:

  1. No Apple-like multi-touch yet, which means no pinch to zoom nor three fingers to go back, but the multi-touch screen is designed to be object-sensitive rather than pressure-sensitive, so you can actually use your fountain pen to write on the screen.
  2. The native screen resolution is 1680 * 1050, which means you can view HD1080p with large amount of pleasure due to its clarity because of many pixels are present, but you can’t take the advantage of the full resolution of 1080p because it still lacks quite a number of pixels according to that.
  3. The keyboard and mouse came with the computer are both wireless. To me they feel just alright comparing with those magnificent ones on my MacBook Pro and my Logitech DeNovo Edge. And the wireless duo doesn’t come with a dock + charging station like that of DeNovo Edge – Yes, you need to replace the battery.
  4. Don’t eat KFC and play with the screen at the same time! the screen is not oil-proof, though it could resist a certain amount of normal grease on your fingertips.
  5. The PC comes with a remote control, which is designed for Windows Media Center rather than the HP TouchSmart Center, which is the piece of software HP developed for this TouchSmart PC.
  6. TouchSmart Center can’t do TV, nor could it easily help you to transfer photos from your memory card to computer just yet. And yeah, you can’t delete the photos or videos through the interface either, which might be a good thing for people who like to press the X button all the time.
  7. The plainly washed white and bright ambient light makes me want to buy a nice lava lamp and put beside the PC to create some nice ambience  instead Lava Lamp
  8. They are many pieces of pre-installed software on the PC. Many are quite useful, unlike that of Sony. But for that many games installed, you have only 4 free credits to play, so pay more to play them all.
  9. HP software does not use the native resolution, which causes screen to flick  and computer to hang for a period when switching out of the TouchSmart center program using Alt+Tab
  10. Vista still hangs now and then, and many applications take a while to start.

And here are the ten things you might know about:

  1. HP produces some of the best Ads in the market today, including a nicely composed tune
  2. The product looks really nice from afar, a giant photo frame sitting there.
  3. You can use your stylus to write on the screen and play ink ball with your thumbdrive
  4. Playing Solitaire and BeJeweled with fingers are really neat with friends together, a multi-user hot-seat scenario.
  5. Coverflow on the machines is nicer than that of Apple, there is more context visible when spreading like a fan instead of vertically stacked.
  6. You can watch TV on your desktop without bothering to buy TV cards and install them
  7. They have wooping 4G RAM pre-installed to use on the system
  8. It runs a 64-bit Windows Vista!
  9. Telling Mom how to use the computer has never been easier, MA, just use you hand to press that red button!
  10. It has built-in audio and video recording capability, you can do audio notes and voice memo easily.

Check it out for yourself when this coming July, you just find the perfect PC to sit in your living room.

PS: I think Apple’s iMac 24 inch’s look is cool comparing with this as well, but it lacks the Touch function and many more. And there are many reviews out there, if you will, take a look at them as well. But you really gota touch this HP TouchSmart IQ500 first to experience for yourself.



  1. Daniel Cheng says:

    Thank you Peter for well though through review. On pt.5, the Remote controller is meant to work with Windows Media Centre. However, you may like to know that basic volume control. fast fwd, and track skip function on the remote control do work with the TouchSmart Music. Video Suite. On pt 9, the TouchSmart Software Suite does run on native resolution, perharps you would like to contact us more to eloborate on the screen flicks that you encountered?

    Thank you again for your great feedback and we do hope to see you again in future events.

    PS: we do encourage users of our TouchSmart PC to use more of the touch function than to use their mouse.. you could turn the mouse completely off with a flick of the switch under the mouse.. =)

    Daniel Cheng
    Consumer Desktop Product Manager
    Hewlett Packard Singapore

  2. babba says:

    peter, u sound like a big cry baby to me u whined about every imperfection and made it sounds like acts were perfect when u couldnt be more far from the truth

  3. Jerry says:

    This review is totally off. I own this machine. I have owned many PCs and a couple Macs and haved worked with some very fast machines and the HP Touchsmart is by far the best computer I have ever seen. The only bad reviews I have read about the Touchsmart iq50o series and up have been from Mac babies. It’s not a Mac we already know that. It is much better than a Mac. Macs are great for CAD and professional video editing but the perfect home computer at this point in time is by far the Touchsmart.

    The future is now. The HP Touchsmart has realized my childhood dreams when i was tapping away on my Commodore Vic20. I love it. I have had no problems at all so far. I can run multipal programs and download at the same time. I can run Photoshop CS with lightning speed. I opened a 10000×10000 px document and resized it up to 200 dpi, then I tested some filters and even used liquify and it never lagged once. It renders super fast and saved a 50MB image in just a few seconds. You will never see those bars and ‘rendering type’ or ‘erasing hole’ messages on the Touchsmart.

    The Touchsmart interface is also very customizable and fun to use. The fact that you can’t delete from the interface is great because if your machine is in your living room or somewhere others will be “playing” with it, you don’t want your drunk friend deleting your files. It is great for entertaining friends. It is like having one of those fancy jukeboxes in your living room. And because it is so compact, you can easily move it from room to room. And my Touchsmart has never “Flicked” or “Hung”…ever.

    I have also noticed all of the bad reviews of the Touchsmart are reviews from people who briefly tried one at a dislpay or convention. They are just mad because they spent all there money on a mac and can’t afford one of these. The HP Touchsmart is the coolest PC in the world period…at least for now.

  4. Deathstick says:

    While it’s been almost a year since Jerry’s commented on this he is still very right. I am typing this out on a HP keyboard that came with my TouchSmart PC and I love this keyboard. The mouse too is great, with the one piece shell it is easy to take apart and clean. I have read many of post from Mac users and I consider their whine to be more of a defense mechanism for their inferior operating system.

    I dis-agree with you Jerry on the your point about Mac’s being better for CAD, this just is not true! The version of Autocad that you get for a Mac is a ported version as are most. These CAD Mfg’s make software for windows and then change it to make it work on other OS’s.

    This computer is Great for running all your app’s. I run Adobe Master Suite CS4, Autocad 2009, 3DS Max 2009 Design, Rhino and a whole host of other app’s.

  5. Dudeee. says:

    I am looking into puchasing this computer. I was stuck between the choice of this & an Apple Mac, but now I can see clearly that the HP TouchSmart is the one for me.
    Thanks for posting these reveiws (:

  6. Steve - UK says:

    The ONLY gripe I have is the keyboard . . The only thing I don’t like is there are no LED indicators for the CAPS, NUM, etc. The reason I like this feature is I tend to work with the status bar hidden – and I am not a touch typist.

    The keyboard is the one thing I shall replace when a bit of spare cash is available.

    Other than that – my IQ520 – without TV and ambient light, (not missed) is just about what I dreamed about. 🙂

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