Orkut is a successful social networking product, so is Yahoo 360


I came across this chart on the Internet today, which explains the popularity of the different social networking services around the globe. The accuracy of this chart might be in doubt, but the data still has interesting data for me to muse on.

  1. Japan, Netherlands, Poland and Russia has its own dominating social networking website ( China has xiaonei.com as the primary one)
  2. None of American social networking websites was popular is Japan and Russia.
  3. Yahoo ditched the Mesh, while maintaining 360º , for it is still popular in 5 out of the 17 places mentioned.
  4. Google is still losing to Yahoo in India market

One more thing as one of the most discussed topics in the web: chrome-64.png

Chrome, the Google Browser is out, after using it for a while and reading the making of Google Chrome, I realize one thing this browser is best for: Surfing all Google Product Website – Google Reader, Google Email, Google Calendar. Simply perfect. For the rest of the web, Rocks.


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