Windows Live Space, the new social website in disguise?


I used to be a fan of Microsoft’s social networking website, whose name ironically I have forgotten. They have the interface like the following:

Micrsosoft Social Networking Website Mockup
The Look of Microsoft's Social Networking Research Project

It was sort of like private network, where you could upload your music in full length to share with your close friends (i missed those times, badly),  and put your best photos as your background for people to enjoy. There was this element of connection in the picture. I mean visually, there is this connecting line in the picture you can see, and it changes as your click on other people “connected” to you.

In 2005, the research project came to a closure, or rather yanked because of running out of funds. I heard they built another website based on the same concept but on a different domain, which I had no access to to until today.

I could not remember if Microsoft Live Spaces has the option of opting out showing your content to non-explicitly added friends in the very beginning, but it eventually has the function of  blocking everyone but those selected few on your whitelist. The most recent discovery of mine on the topic is:

They allow your friends on your MSN messanger to have the access to your content only unless you want to share with the world

Wait a second, and think about what that means.

Facebook and Spaces Difference
Table: Facebook and Spaces Difference

I am not sure if Microsoft is trying again to molopoly the social networking website, but they ARE catching up fast.