24: The Return of Windows Vista and Touchscreen

The action packed, technology advanced and attractive TV show 24 has finally arrived. I was the fan of the show since 4 years ago. And I am once again intrigued by the pictures this time. After a long delay because of writers’ strike last year and the recent burnt down of the 24 set in the Universal Studio LA, the first 4 episodes have finally arrived at the beginning of 2009.

I am a fan of technology, so I was constantly seeking what the new changes are from last seasons, let’s use some shots from Episode 1 and 2 to illustrate the point

1.A Large Touchscreen! It seems that after Apple has popularized multitouch with its iPhone and Jeff’s multitouch demo at TED, these touchy device starts to get very popular, even CNN were using them.

Touchscreen on TV Monitor

2.Dell. I can’t say if there are more dells visible in the scene, but those giant words definitely popped right at my eyes!

Dell Monitor
Dell Monitor

3.Apple Cinema Display, no more iMacs, no more. There are no more iMacs running some kinda of customized operating system (it might be purely VFX, who knows), instead, they have placed only Apple Cinema Display there to show the schematic.

Apple Cinema Display running Vista
Apple Cinema Display running Vista

4.Windows Vista Everywhere We can from nearly all the shots I captured here have some Vista imprint. Some are for sure windows vista operating system, some might be a vfx effect, but nevertheless, it might the cost of Microsoft Vista’s adversiting budget into this.

After You Touched the Screen, Vista comes out
After Touched the Screen
Field Monitor - Vista on the Right
Field Monitor - Vista on the right

You can watch the TV series through the Fox On Demand, if you know how. 🙂