Difficulty of Being in Singapore

singapore-people.jpgIt’s rather difficult to be a technology blogger, like jkOnTheRun or Chris Pirillo in Singapore. Though you can have the virtual palace of your own, claiming the crown of local region, there is never any breaking news in technology. Nearly none of the influential brands with global outreach would launch its products in Singapore first.

The lack of breaking news, the slow arrival of technology products have effectively annihilated the originality of the technology bloggers in Singapore. Just like the banks around the global are becoming more and more similar to each other, having more and more financial derivatives to make money out of complex mathematical formulas, technology bloggers in Singapore are increasingly morphing into the big companies’ PR channels, having only some brief and shallow look at the products during product launches, while being shoved down the throat lots of “PR worthy information”.

In an environment where computer geeks and nerds, coders and programmers are look downed upon comparing with bankers working for Citi,BarCap, etc, I could only see a cloudy future for us who are passionate about technology could survive on our own, staying independent of “larger influence”.