Old media journalist doesn’t get blogging: they only see content, not the person.

A Singaporean journalist shares the difference between a columnist and a blogger:

A columnist is as good as the last column she wrote, while a blogger could lose her audience for a while and regain them later on more relevant posts.

This is the event that I attended in Ogilvy Centre
This is the event that I attended in Ogilvy Centre

While she, a SPH scholar who worked for SPH for 10 years, a veteran columnist for Straight Times, who reads blogs through search engines instead of Google Feed Reader, thinks blogging is similar to or exactly same as journalism, they are intrinsically different – the most obvious: journalists are paid to write the sensational, the factual and the political, bloggers volunteer their time to create a voice of her personality. The motivations behind them are not the same.

Exercise: create a compelling ultra short story with 6 words. This is the most enjoyable part of the conversation when I am in the position to create. If you’ve been paying attention on twitter, there was this 6 word/twitter short story event a while ago.

Anyway, here is my 6 word story:

Beer with a woman, later suicided.

Compare with the most famous one:

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

You don’t need a lot of words to tell a compelling story.

So I’ll end my post here, and I’ll do a post about creating a compelling story another day. 🙂