Black Google Day is Over: Skip Paying Electricity Bills, Time to Go to Senatus

It is becoming a trend: everything is going dark on the earth hour.

Last year, Google turned its front page to this total darkness:


Message? Simple: switch off ALL your electric devices during the earth hour.

This year, more people are involved in the movement locally, I know a friend started the baiktour group on facebook to promote bicycle riding for one hour.

I advocate consistency, which means I believe 20 minutes of exercise every day drives you a longer way than 2 hours of intense workout over weekend, so cycle to work every day after the baik event if you are a true believer of earth hour.

In the cyber world, which is quickly turning into a TwitterLand or the pages to FaceBook, there are supporters similar to the black Google.

Senatus is one of the extraordinary, besides painting website black, they manage to find suitable content that shines in the darkness, materials that might make an lingering impact on conversing energy. So instead of doing a Google search which costs 12 grams of coal, you stay on to read more.

Turn off SENATUS-full-original to  senatus-earthhour

So don’t it is time to go to Senatus if you believe only in participating ad hoc events that soothe your feelings and firm up your belief.

And don’t please go to Senatus if you enjoy only popular culture and think all want to become wall street people who are financial masters.

During the earth hour (Saturday 8.30pm GMT+8), you should turned off your laptop, skipped using the Internet, stayed in the dark, kept still and silent, so you could help to conserve as much energy as possible.

Or perhaps you could continued to surf the Internet, went out with friends for drinks in the bar, enjoyed the bright lamps along the street, kept on your air conditioner, and had fun playing WII.

But either way, remember, when you leave house next time, turn off all the lights, all the switches, take the train instead of your car, do whatever you could to save the energy.

Wouldn’t it be fun if you could play the game of saving energy, or rather redesign the game to suit your taste?


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