Thank you Steve Jobs (though I still hate you that you said goodbye too early)

It has been years since I remembered well how it felt when you lost someone really dear to you.

Things seem just so sudden. Though there are so many pointers to this inevitable event that happened today, I am not prepared. I am not prepared to lose a tech visionary that inspires millions, whom I one day wanted to talk to. I am not prepared to let go the dreams of one day that I could be part of his legacy.

I guess these are all gone now. What we have now is just countless memory and measureless thank you note. As much as I want to praise this work, his accomplishment, his legacy. I find part of myself just hate him for saying Goodbye so soon. Without a dwindling path people could see and know.

Do you know there are people who are growing up to become like you. We all hate you for not being able to talk to us, leaving only the things you did for us as example.

I love you Steve for all you have given us, yet, I hate you for leaving us so soon without preparing us like you’ve prepared apple for its continuous success.