Restart Writing Again


If you are a person who actively pointing our people’s mistakes weather willingly or unwillingly, please stop. For that is not helping, if it is not initiated and monitored properly from all the sides involved. I have realized that is only to showcase the pointer’s abilities to spot and to witness, not her ability to make choices, and change other people’s perspective permanently through a proper channels that are not harassing or intimidation. The typical “I do not have anything to say to you, but if there are tasks to do that falls within my capabilities, I will do that for you so that I can continue to use those abilities” will work in this case. And writing has been one of my best tools to reduce the mental clutter and change the perspectives of my world over and over again. And for this, I have to thank Nathaniel Boggs, who contributed the most insightful words to my ears: only through writing, do you gain clarity and confidence, for those world written down are not changing.