When people have nothing to talk about


They turn inside and find that the deep down, people are the same, looking for the same type of feelings, and same type of emotions all across except for those who do not possess the same attitudes towards this life, either because they had chosen this way or they have decided to behave differently to prove a point in this life time. And these two types of people who show themselves differently are inherently the same people who grow up with, we live with, we trust our lives with. And do they really grow? Do they really change? Or they keep on doing the same things they did when they were children, over and over again.

When people are able to stop talking about others in their life, and they start working on themselves as a way to live and to discover the inner strength and the inner sanctuary, did we start digging down right into the heart of the matter in this case: communication. Being communicative is not only an ability, it is also a skill to be practiced over and over during the rest of my life, or our lives. And we continue to look for the information in this life to show that we can do the same thing in this life without giving up much, if we can grow up a new generation of people who share our believes, treasure what we treasure, care for what we care: in the end, the game is not that different: when the last few seconds of my life, or your life, or life comes. We will be very clear about the goals and purposes of this life, and some will be talking about others, and some will be changing the game a little bit, and some, when they come to see what they did in this life time, will be probably sadden by the fact that most people do not spend time doing what they love or even what they like, they are more or less coerced into doing what at hand because of the money, the position, the privileges or even the joy of being around people who are good peers instead of good friends.

Business people are a type of people who do not believe that they possess the type of traits of people who they hate, and they keep on using their power to change the world as a whole, to be centered around the goal of earning more money and having more power. And round and round they go in circles, and they find that at the end of the day, it is the amount of money they make gives them the most meaning in this life, and not other things they see as great as well, for example, values shared in common, the ability to withstand during even the most attempting circumstances. And until they have discovered the antidote towards the poison that are constant killing more and more people in this world today: greed, power and rights, than they do understand the power of free will and choice.

Perhaps they will never understand that concept of those idea, and not in a life time to know that they can choose freely for their life, and to understand the freedom in a way that is rule-bent, information rich and importance filled opportunity. And what do we do in this case? Should we keep our mouths shut and not discussing them again, or do we chat and find that we share indeed some common ground in this case, for one believes that we can make the change to something better in this lifetime, and others do not, they hold a different point where the point is so sharp, it penetrates through most of their life experiences and to connect them all with a single thread: the thread of life, as some people would call God String (G-String)

And indeed, we discover ourselves are no longer the animal we were when we were younger, the pursuits and goals have changed much during the last few years to a new era where importance of information can be transmitted during the way we interact than we verbally communicate.