More Definitions Of Today


The ability to increase the definitions of the past terms have become one of the most sought after activities today: we have seen reboots, remasters, and high definitions. It is increasing clear that the center of issues resides on the blurriness of the past, and somehow, we have found a way to transmit those ideas better in terms of increasing the visual and audible feedback by incorporating the features of the newer media technology, for example, increased resolution playback that allows people to see every single pixel on the screen, creating a more fantastic image that is doctored by technologies that are akin to Photoshop.

Does that mean more is better these days? We are looking into a presence that is filled with miseries and destruction. And the root of all these is the unending desire in human’s heart for power and dominance: after acquiring more, the heart desires even more. And there seems very little we can do about it: we can’t stop writing after the first sentence, can we? It is as if we have capacities for more, yet we choose not to explore those areas until we have satiated ourselves in the filth we have created in the universe. It is as if we have produced excrete from right in ourselves and want that to be the case for us and for all the people around, to fight the urge of falling into a repetitive habit of rinse and repeat over and over.

We we should to in terms of being ourselves? After playing games for a while, I have discovered one thing to be certain: if you are good at multiple classes of characters, it is highly likely that you are not good at any of the classes at all: all the classes are equally unattractive. If by default, you can choose what you want in your heart and follow that, then not having the ability to do that reflects the desire amiss. Channeling the amount of energy towards the people who need the most is one of the toughest things we do in this world today: how can we direct our concentrated energy towards those who need us the most, and those who by the right of God need our energy the most.

The only way I know now works for me is through repetition, being it a mantra or a game: through constant repetition, do we find a way to familiarize ourselves completely with the environment to do what we need.