I really want to name it God, Zen and Sex

Perhaps after a few years, when sex makes a come back to replace technology as the holy grail we are all after these days. And from that point on, we will be circling back to the place where our hearts belong: the center of our lives. What our hearts are after, no longer will they be vanity, but truth, the things that sets them free in this world, as truth is the foundation rock in our earth. We are like this earth, with a melting lava core, a heart that is on fire deep down, with layers and layers of earth of different kinds covering it up to the ground where we build our lives on, and farm, harvest and feed. And there are more earth covering all the way to the top of mountains, Himalayan Mountain resembles the tip of our heart: snowy, frozen, and potentially life taking.

3 is a great number, for fighting, for union, for communicating – I was so obsessed with 3 these days, and 33, for that matter, that I am trying to find meanings in 3, whether be it the sermons delivered by Tim Keller, the Godhead, threesome, or a love triangle, they all share the unique attribute of 3.