A review at the end of the year


Finally, we have reached the end of the year of 2017. It has been a wonderful and interesting year for me in this particular time of the year. It was not that eventful as I was younger, partly because I have grown up in the way that I have never foreseen before. It is as if time flew past my eye in terms of things we communicate from the youth once we lived, and now I am here, looking at all the time we have experienced since the beginning of this century: we see a generally degradation of relationship and values in the society today: at least we have become crueler and crueler every day in our dealing with other people, and as we move through this year, we have seen many changes in how people respond to the information we have provided so far: we have indeed moved beyond the reasonable stage into the place of darkness: indeed we have changed. And indeed we need light, the light that was once there and the light that is once shining upon our face. I pray to you Father, that at the very end of this year we can see that great and interesting things happening around this place I work, and the most interesting part of it is to realize that our time is not our time indeed, and that indeed people who attempt to manipulate the people to do their bidding will ultimately come around be manipulated by the people who shouted out the loudest in the place. I think in a way, the spirituality we have discovered that in this place does not belong to us, it has been handled down over the year by our encounters with people who come in touch with us, especially those closer to us. And as time progress, I have seen that people who once was good now has turned into something resembles a demon, or rather a super-villain, and we have seen the first hand information that a person can be so wrapped in their own world so that information we start to block the information, or not even acknowledged in the first place.

Now coming back the information workflow from one point to another, we see that more information needs to be passed back and forth to different partners we work with every day in our daily communications, and making sure the communication we have moved into the place we have seen before, an place where once we hold to be sacred, and a temple chosen to become the very place where the holy resides. And we can see that indeed, a power that is better and superior than all of us is rising indeed from our hearts, or a single heart that is resembling the super ego we once had. And now we have that super ego to do the business in the world we have today: to make something new and something wonderful in the place of the darkness and voidness that has been punctuated by the social narratives we have heard from numerous authorities we have indeed respected and adored. So we can move back to the place where we can behold the most important part of our relationship: to connect one another through the line we lay. So that we can fear nothing but rather discovering truth after truth, and we have some back to the place where nothing is done, nothing is being done and nothing is going to be done for a very long time. And that story is forever buried in the long standing chasms between two camps: those who can tolerate others, and help others to get where they deserve in life, and there are another category of people who are interesting in their own minds: locked and loaded, with corresponding emotional response ready for each interaction at the second we make the connection. Namely, the medical supply for the cure that is in the future.

Coming back to the place where we can see ourselves, we realize that information we have built the years are void of the basis that allow them to stand firm in times of trial, and real temptation that is going to rob people of their souls. Attraction-aside, we can see the better part of the world is going to be doomed because of the various words edited and put together into a sound narrative so that everything we have encountered and happened start to make sense in the eyes of those who are closer to us. So they would at least to understand if not comprehend the sense we are all making: we are the community we build, we are us, and we are the people in this place that make a difference to the rest of the world today: proclaiming the good news that we have all received at different stage of our lives: we are the people who can make changes to the existing infrastructures and make changes to the higher level of residences that we can all call home to ourselves.

What is interesting from what I observed over the years is that we should not take people’s word as is, especially who claim to be Chinese. And in this regard, there is a simple strategy to deal with the incoming information: discard the hard part, and remove the useless part, leaving the meaningful and valuable behind.