About Me

Having studied Computer Engineering in School of Computing, I am working for NUS Department of Mathematics as a Research Assistant. I have to admit besides doing my current job in research, I still hold a deep interest in social networking, online media and marketing. I would always love to keep a blog if there are things attractive enough for me to talk about.

I am a conservative adventurer, rebellious by natural and conservative at heart, which explains why I love to adapt to new things and changes as they surface up while still feeling for the good old ways of doing things. I have leave my contact information at the front page, so if you have anything to look for me, just use those information.

I like different kind of voices. Some speak to me, while some just make me an even better person. On the journey to find Him, I learn a thing a two about myself: I like you, and I will do everything for you, yet in that everything, I will stop liking you, for that is indeed too much to bear. A delicate balance.


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