About Me

2017 is about going away, and this is written before that moment. For the past few years, I have started the journey to explore humanitarian, personal aspect of human existences. To my delight, I have started to see things differently from birth, which is that we are same deeply, yet we see things differently because of our perspectives.

Graduated from the joint offer of Computer Engineering from School of Computing and Faculty of Engineering, I had been working for Department of Mathematics in National University of Singapore as a Research Assistant. And during those years, I started two companies with my friends: Genesis Media Pte Ltd. and High Ping Buster (Game Smoothie) Pte. Ltd. The journey has been extraordinary, as I moved onto finishing my master in Columbia University of computer security, thanks to Salvatore Stofo, I had a chance to feel what it is like to work on my PhD degree. However, the way I see it: when the chance is no longer working out, it is time to move on to something that is truly worth time: living.

I have to admit besides doing my current job in intelligence developer in business, I still hold a deep interest in deep social networking, online media creation and the art of marketing. I would always love to keep a blog if there are things attractive enough for me to talk about, and this is the time we do it: it is time for the writers to rise up and break off the social norms and get away from the cycles to find the true self.

Extremism is prevalent. And finding the third way is difficult, not impossible.

I am an rebellious adventurer by nature with a bleeding heart. I love new things and explore interesting changes as they surface up instead of good old ways of doing things: for we are constantly adapting to the status quo in our ages.

On the journey to find the higher person in heart, I learn a thing or two about myself: A delicate balance between motivation and actions, simply put , if I like you, and I will do sufficiently much to keep you interested, otherwise, we better work together to build the future in our community.


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  1. awflasher says:

    Hi man, got any good web2.0 sites in Singapore?

  2. to awflasher:

    we have some web2.0 start-ups in Singapore, more business related site like these.

  3. awflasher says:

    Hi, thanks very much 🙂
    I have added your Gtalk ( your gmail add ? )

  4. Hi Peter, just surfing through and saying a big HI!

  5. @highwayoflife

    Glad to read see you around 🙂

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