My Pastor is a liar

So is my family. After so many years of being in the community, I realized one thing, many people are not who they claimed to be, especially at the senior pastor levels. Only do I recently realized how deep trouble I was for even believing this person in the first place. However, there is no…

Funny People Exercising

It has come to my attention that I have been missing out in the world of exercise for a long time now. And today, I did my first walk in the exercise ground with all the people there, perhaps I have experienced something I call “Got it” – a state where I start to see…


Self Reboot is one of the hardest thing we can do as a human being. This is the process of opening oneself up, to examine the things inside, the emotions and feelings inside to find the true self in this world, to discover the reality of who “I” am. After which, the said person continues…

Programming Raw This World!

  Programming here do I come, Tidal comes tidal goes Round and round and round and round. Tiny movements, thistles of thoughts Bouts of joy from overcome.. Out of order, now sorted into array!

Concerning One’s Work

Gently converting One sentence at a time, each letter, every word Stare, Stare, Stare He is here!

Lunch (午餐)

  Lunch comes and lunch goes. Gently biting, mildly chewing Missing one letter at a time.   Rising with the bar, one inch at a time. Feeling the pressure, one area at a time. Beat me, I stand, Cover me, I convert

The Cycle Of Salvation

Oh, This Person is MY salvation. Oh, The Leader of the TEAM is my salvation. Oh, The Leader of the Organization is my salvation. Oh, The Leader of the Corporation is MY salvation. Oh, The Leader of the Leaders of Corporations is MY salvation. Oh! HE IS MY SALVATION!

Disowning Knowledge

“Stanley Cavell writes in his great essay on King Lear, ‘The Avoidance of Love’, ‘is that we would rather murder the world than permit it to expose us to change’ (Disowning Knowledge). We would rather destroy everything than let other people change us, so strong is our memory of how changed we were at the…

Ever wonder why your pets exhibit the same behavior?

“amygdala is located deep in the limbic system, an ancient brain network found even in primitive animals like mice and rats. This network—sometimes called the “emotional brain”—underlies many of the basic instincts we share with these animals, such as appetite, sex drive, and fear.” “Kagan hypothesized that infants born with an especially excitable amygdala would…

On Making Art a reality

“I am a woman. Every artist is a woman and should have a taste for other women. Artists who are homosexual cannot be true artists because they like men, and since they themselves are women they are reverting to normality.” —PABLO PICASSO