HP Mini Landed in Singapore

I thought I could put the thing into my bag and forget about it, since I might weigh lighter than I thought, but I was wrong, the PC was utterly heavier. HP Mini PC The price for the Mini is below my expectation, it was about $999 for the vista home basic version, and $1399 maximum for the high-end version with Vista Business, 2G RAM and Bluetooth. … It has special design for the power connector where it can tell you about the infor mation about the power adaptor and adjust the computer settings accordingly.

Finally, HP UMPC Mini

It has been really a long while since we have seen the first rumors of the upcoming HP UMPC 2133 (now HP Mini) first in February. The product has finally come to the light. Since the invention of OLPC and followed by that EEE PC vs. OLPC case, I was getting more and more interested…